Goodbye Asia

After five countries and 113 days it is time to leave Asia. Time flew by and we can´t believe we are already moving on. We have seen amazing places and met great people here.

We will miss
  • The food! Street food, night markets, curries, papaya salad (!), fresh fruit shakes and many more
  • People that always have a smile on their face
  • The hectic atmosphere in Asian cities, with traffic and markets in the street
  • The combination of the modern world and the hectic Asian life in cities like Bangkok
  • Beaches
  • The low budget lifestyle, not worrying about money
  • Temples (although we have seen way too many)
  • Observing bhuddistic rituals in daily life
  • Thai massages
  • Eating with chopsticks
We won´t miss
  • The garbage and pollution
  • Not being able to communicate properly
  • Spiders, scorpions, pig liver,… all the strange parts of the culinary journey in Asia
  • People spitting and burping in the street
  • Having to cover up all the time (especially women)
Our highlights:

Best accomodation: Maylyn Guesthouse in Vang Vieng, Laos
Worst Accomodation: Phasith Guesthouse in Luang Prabang, Laos (bed bugs!)
Best food: Streetfood anywhere in Thailand; The Moon Restaurant in Bagan
Worst bus ride: Ranong to Bangkok (12 instead of 9 hours, toilet flush not working, child throwing up next to us)
Best sunset: Ko Lanta
Scarriest experience: big wheel without electricity at festival in Myanmar & almost getting killed by lightning

Weirdest moment: Meeting people we know from home in a hostel bathroom

Most memorable moments: Arriving at ABC at 4.130m after a 7 day hike & watching the sun set on Singapore´s skyline for 2 hours on the observation desk of Marina Bay Sands

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