Pura Vida Costa Rica

Costa Rica – home to tropical rain forest, volcano´s, deserted beaches and more species per 10.000 sq meters than anywhere else in the world – and my second home. This is Sandra´s view of a beautiful country. more „Pura Vida Costa Rica“

Volcán Irazú

The Irazú Volcano, about 1,5 hours from San José, is the highest volcano in Costa Rica with an altitude of 3.432m. The name derives from the native name Itsarú, which means thunder and earthquake mountain. more „Volcán Irazú“

Rio Celeste

Parque Nacional Volcán Tenorio is a misty, magical place of cloud forest and especially famous for the icy-blue Rio Celeste. There is a nice walk through the national park along the river, passing the waterfall. more „Rio Celeste“

Ziplines, a waterfall and a volcano

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica last erupted in 1968 and since then had a constant lava flow until 2010. Sandra had seen it already, and when we both came here five years ago it was unfortunately too cloudy to see the volcano at all. Even though it is not active anymore, Arenal is still an impressive sight. In the area there is also a lot to do. more „Ziplines, a waterfall and a volcano“

The Amazon of Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park – with its canals on one side and the ocean on the other is known for its biodiversity. Due to 6000mm of annual rainfall it is a tropical green paradise, and it is home to over 400 bird species, 60 species of frogs, 30 species of freshwater fish and three monkey species. In addition to that, caimans and crocodiles are often seen in the area. Jaguars are uncommon sights, but they also have a rather big population in the park. In two days here, we saw more wild animals than on the Amazon. more „The Amazon of Costa Rica“