Finding a beach in Myanmar

Myanmar isn´t the classic destination for a beach holiday, but there are definitely some nice places to go and rest for a few days. Since we know we won´t get to the beach before mid December again, we had to go to the beach! Ok, decision made, but where to go? There are several recommendations, but it is not always that easy. Here is what we found out:

  • Ngapali Beach: Apparently the beach in Myanmar. Getting there is the problem. There is a bus from Yangon which takes about 15 hours. That´s it. There are also flights from almost every airport in the country, but that is not possible with our budget. Since we came from the north, going all the way down to Yangon and then back up is not an option. We have been thinking about driving to Pyay, halfway between Bagan and Yangon and then take a bus from there to the beach. This would be possible, but we knew we would waste one or two days travelling there just for 2-3 days at the beach. The second problem: Accomodation starts at 100€ per night when you try to find a place only a few days in advance. Finding out about this, Ngapali Beach was out of discussion.
  • Myeik Archipelago: The most southern part of the country is supposed to be a paradise for swimming, diving and snorkeling. BUT getting there takes at least 20 hours from Yangon. Most people fly there, but it was not an option for us. We found out that it is easier to get there from Thailand, so we might consider that another time.
  • Around Dawei: Also in the south there seem to be a lot of beautiful and unexplored beaches near Dawei. But Dawei is on the way to Myeik and still a 12 hours drive by bus from the most southern point we went to, Mawlamyine. Again – 12 hours drive for just 3 days at the beach?
  • We are getting desperate 😉
  • Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha Beach: These two beaches are close to one another and only a 5 hours drive west of Yangon. Reading about it they don´t really sound like the nicest beaches on earth, but we just want to rest for a few days and decide to go to Ngwe Saung. Looking for hotel, we are shocked again as they start at 100€ per night again! But then, luckily, we find this one small place called Dream House. It costs 9€ per night including breakfast (!) and is just a 5 minute walk from the beach. Finally!
  • Ngwe Saung: This beach is really underestimated. It is beautiful, you can walk for hours along the beach and it is definitely a good place to rest for a few days. Staying at Dream House we just went to one of the big resorts for the day, had a drink and used their pool and sunbeds 😉

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