What to pack for one year…

However it was a little bit more difficult to pack for such a long time compared to a vacation of 3 weeks. There are much more things you need to consider and you can´t plan yet where exactly you go and what the weather will be like. But whatever you pack, in the end it needs to fit in one backpack. We thought we already had everything, but in the end we had to buy a lot of things, and travel equipment can be quite expensive. This is the full list:





When we usually travel we really enjoy not taking any phones, tablets or any other electronic devices. But when we decided to leave for a year, we knew we would need to stay in touch with friends and family, so there is more to take than usually:

  • Tablet with keyboard
  • Cell phone – we decided to take a dual sim phone with one German card
  • Kindle – very useful if you read a lot and don´t want to carry too many books
  • Camera  – we got a Olympus Pen with two lenses
  • Power bank


Useful travel equipment:

There are a few things that we find useful for all kinds of travel

  • Travel towel
  • Pocketknife
  • Cotton sleeping bag
  • Trekking shoes & socks
  • Fleece jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Cargo bag for the backpack
  • Waterproof bags to pack electronics
  • Alarm clock
  • First aid kit
  • Snorkel equipment
  •  Guide books – we never leave without our Lonely Planet
  • Detergent
  • Travel Pillow
  • Games (Cards and whatever is light)
  • Salt, pepper and some herbs – in many hostels you won´t find these things for cooking




Don´t worry, I didn´t pack any high heels 😉 I am actually really happy to wear nothing but my Havaianas and trekking shoes during the next months. There might be girls that pack only funtional clothes but I can´t do that. I really need to bring some nice dresses, some makeup and even nail polish to feel good in the coming months. As long as it is light and small I can take some of these things 😉 This is my clothing list:

  • 14 t-shirts/tops
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 comfortable pant
  • 2 shorts
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 bikini´s
  • Havaianas
  • Poncho and waterproof jacket
  • 1 pyjama
  • Underwear (amount depending on how many times you plan to wash your stuff)



  • 14 T-Shirts
  • 2 pullover
  • 2 shorts
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 swimming trunks
  • Havaianas
  • Poncho & waterproof jacket
  • Functional underwear


Stay tuned for an update of this list! We already know we might laugh about some of this in a few months from now, but we will just kick out whatever we won´t need 😉

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  1. Fred and Virginia Saam

    Have a great adventure. We will enjoy following you!

  2. Janina

    Safe travels to you both!!! I will keep an eye on you 😉

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