4 weeks to go…

It is now one month left before we leave and we still can´t really believe it. There are a million different feelings coming up these days

– anticipation (of course!), edginess, stress (there is still so much to do!), sadness (because of all the people we leave behind),…


So what are we doing right now? At the moment we are mainly organizing giving up our appartment. Most of our furniture is now sold. Anything that´s left as well as our personal belongings will be stored at our parents houses. So right now the apartment is chaotic and everything is packed in boxes. The big move will be next week. As soon as this is done, we can hopefully be more relaxed and plan the nice part of the trip!

Another very important thing is organizing our farewell parties! There will be two – one in Hamburg and another one in Brühl/Mannheim. Leaving Hamburg is a bit more difficult because we do not know yet whether we will come back. Brühl/Mannheim is where our parents live, so we will always go back there, even though it might not be for living.

Packing and buying anything that´s missing for the trip is also a huge task – what should we pack, what can we buy somewhere on the road? As soon as we have the ultimate packing list, we will share it here! It seems to be the most difficult thing, what do you really need in a year of your life?

Then there is the fun part – reading travel books, writing this blog, organizing the first stays in Nepal, visa applications…

Saying goodbye – that´s what really makes you realize you are leaving soon. Almost every day there is a goodbye – family, friends, colleagues. It still seems unreal to say goodbye to people because it feels like we are just going on a vacation.

And not to forget – quitting our jobs! It is really strange to know you will be unemployed soon and that you will have to rely on your savings for quite a while. But on the other hand it feels like back in school when summer holidays started and you knew you were just free to do what ever you want for six weeks!


Four weeks left – and counting the days 🙂

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